Education & Living History Programs

Education through our Living History Programs,
curated by Julia Donahue, she brings to life:
Abigail AdamsFirst Lady of the Revolution
Deborah SamsonSoldier Girl
Elizabeth Foster Goosethe Real “Mother Goose”
Mercy Otis WarrenHistorian, Poet, Political Satirist
School visits, Teachers Lunch Time Lectures, High Tea in your Home, and Mercy speaks to your Organization
Julia  Donahue is a graduate of Emerson College, holds a degree in Theater Education and received classical training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. After spending some time on Broadway, it was a return to Boston to join the Freedom Trail Players appearing as Abigail Adams.  Word of Julia’s unique form of education reached the State House, and in 2003 Gov. Mitt Romney presented a Proclamation naming Julia as the Official Abigail Adams of the Commonwealth. Julia was also presented with a Citation for Excellence in Teaching from th